Offering a Home Away from Home

Phi Delta Theta emphasizes academic achievement, positive relationship building, community service, and an enriching and rewarding college experience filled with friendships that will last a lifetime. Phi Delta Theta creates a positive and encouraging “leadership laboratory” that empowers each brother to tap into his inner greatness and reach a higher potential than he could on his own.

We know parents expect their sons to make their studies a priority. Our commitment to academics begins during recruitment by attracting young men with GPAs high above the campus average. And once in the chapter, we make sure they have an environment conducive to studying and learning. Phi Delta Theta’s alcohol-free housing provides learning spaces for consistent and efficient study habits. In addition, each chapter has a scholarship chairman and an academic adviser who oversee and maintain scholastic integrity.

We realize that many parents and families wish to remain engaged in their son’s experience in some way, so we provide this Family Engagement Resource Guide for any parent interested in starting a family club that can play a supporting role in the chapter’s success.

Keeping Our Members Healthy & Safe

Phi Delta Theta is committed to continuing its leadership role in higher education when addressing the widespread challenges of campus health and safety. Creating safe environments for our undergraduate students is, and has been for many years, a top priority for the Fraternity. Like any fraternity or organization that works directly with young adults, Phi Delta Theta is not immune to accidents or individuals with bad intent, but we remain vigilant in our strategies and are swift to act when individuals and chapters divert from our expectations.

In 1997, Phi Delta Theta announced its Alcohol-free Housing Policy to the world, and full implementation began in 2000. There were many reasons for this leading decision, but at the forefront of the decision was the alcohol-dominated culture that existed on college campuses and within our chapters that was diminishing the principles upon which Phi Delta Theta was founded. Since the implementation, Phi Delta Theta has undergone transformational change and has become a noticed leader within the fraternal world. The policy, deemed by many as a factor that could be the end of an organization, has benefited Phi Delta Theta greatly in many ways.

A Message From A Phi Delt Parent

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